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The journey that brought Rock Proof Boats to where we are today.

The day that Rock Proof Boats got started is when my father handed me the fishing rod to fight my first smallmouth bass. Having fishing in my blood has stuck with me all my life, which I have taken to many different levels as I grew up. As a very competitive person, I have challenged myself in bass fishing tournaments across some of the shallowest, rockiest, and non-navigable rivers. I found it essential to gain the advantage over the competition by getting to fishing areas where no one else would dare to go. Running through ankle-deep water and over rocks to get to those fish that haven't seen a lure for weeks was a major factor in my tournament success.

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Dealing with the frustration of not being able to purchase that perfect river boat, I had to modify every boat to run shallower in order to achieve my objective in bass tournaments. In order to improve shallow running performance, various modifications were tested on several different aluminum boats through trial and error over the years.

Every aluminum boat I owned I carried over the effective modification from boat to boat until I hit the perfect combination. This process of trial and error and all the various modifications involved took several years with several different boats. Through all my time and effort over the years, my experimenting has paid off for you. Taking all the information and knowledge I have gained over the years, I can offer you the only river boat truly designed for shallow rocky rivers, "a Rock Proof Boat."

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